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Precision CNC Milling of Plastics for the Semiconductor Industry

Precision CNC Milling of Plastics for the Semiconductor Industry
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Precision CNC Milling of Plastics for the Semiconductor Industry

A customer in the semiconductor industry was in need of precision CNC milling which was to be performed on an existing component. The part was composed of PFA-450 fluoropolymer, a type of thermoplastic, which possesses non-stick and friction reducing properties. This project required milling of a pocket that was 8.642" deep, with a diameter of .560". Due to the process specifications milling on this type of material causes tool chatter which greatly reduces the precision of the finished product. J & J Machine developed a process to modify the geometry of the tooling to overcome this obstacle, and was able to eliminate chatter entirely during production. The finished part maintained tolerances of +/- .006" on the pocket width and height.

For more information on this precision CNC milling project, see the table below or contact J&J Machine directly.

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Precision CNC Milling of Plastics - Project Details

Product DescriptionCreate a milled pocket while preventing the tooling chatter.
Machining Capabilities & Applied/ProcessesCNC Milling
  • Mill Pocket 15 Times Deeper Than Diameter of Hole
  • We Were Able to Machine this Pocket by Modifying Machine Speeds and Using Custom Tooling
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartCNC Mill
Overall Part DimensionsLength: 2.000"
Width: 4.180"
Height: 9.875"
Pocket Size:
Diameter: Ø.560"
Depth: 8.642"
Tightest Tolerances+/- .006 on pocket width and height
Material UsedPFA-450 Fluoropolymer
Max Material Finish8 Micro
In process testing/inspection performedProfilometer - for micro finish
CMM - Coordinated Measuring Device
Height Gage
Industry for UseSemiconductor
VolumePrototype thru Production
Delivery/Turnaround TimePer customer request
Delivery LocationMinneapolis, MN
Standards MetCustomer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Project NameCNC Milling of Pocket Within PFA-450
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