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Custom CNC Milling of Titanium Parts

Custom CNC Milling of Titanium Parts
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Custom CNC Milling of Titanium Parts

Serving the semiconductor industry, J&J Machine provides custom CNC milling services to customers who require innovative solutions.

This customer needed J&J to create a 6.000" deep Ø.2845" diameter blind hole into grade 5 titanium, and finish it with a 5/16-24 thread.  With a #63 micro finish, and tolerances of ±.015", this was no easy task. Heat being a major concern, we had to develop a method that would not allow work hardening.  In addition, removal of chips from a 6" deep hole of such a small diameter was also an issue.

Creating a solution that would provide for all of these factors required extensive R & D. We began by sampling a large number of existing cutting tools, and pushed them to their limits. The data we gleaned from this testing allowed us to design a custom tool that provided low enough friction to control heat and evacuate chips.

To learn more about this precision CNC milling project, see the table below or contact J&J Machine directly.

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Custom CNC Milling of Titanium Parts - Project Details

Product DescriptionTap a 6" blind hole into titanium while preventing work hardening.
Machining Capabilities & Applied/ProcessesCNC Milling
  • Tap blind hole while preventing the work hardening of the material to avoid breaking taps
  • Had to remove chips from a small diameter hole
  • Had to maintain the straightness of the thread while tapping 6" deep
  • We developed and created a tool to perform this tapping process
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartCNC Mill
Overall Part DimensionsLength: .750"
Width: 1.500"
Height: 7.900"
Tapped Hole Diameter: Ø.2845"
Tapped Hole Depth: 6.000"
Thread: 5/16-24
Tightest Tolerances±.015"
Material Used6AL4V Grade-5 Titanium
Max Material Finish63 Micro in tapped hole
In process testing/inspection performedProfilometer - for micro finish
CMM - Coordinated Measuring Device
Height Gage
Industry for UseSemiconductor
VolumePrototype thru Production
Delivery/Turnaround TimePer customers request
Delivery LocationMinneapolis, MN
Standards MetCustomer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Project NameTapping of Small Diameter Blind Hole
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